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Let's get to the bottom of why our foaming cheeky polish is so AMAZING!

Firstly, with its powerful mineral rich natural exfoliants, it sweeps away dead skin cells and rough dull skin, boosts collagen and elastin production for silky smooth and super-soft skin.
Secondly, it's combination of hydrating botanicals, like Melon, Acacia, Blackcurrant, Papaya, and Juniper Berry, that help fade stretch marks, scars, and blemishes for super-soft, plump, perky and glowing skin.
Incredible Features
  • Sloughs off rough patches, blemishes and dull skin
  • Helps stimulate circulation, collagen and elastin
  • Fades stretch marks, blemishes and plumps skin
  • Ultrahydrating Hyaluronic Acid¬†and Vitamin e
  • Plus,¬†it contains our Bonbodi 28+ Botanical Elixir for an extra dose of radiance!


Goals  Buff and polish your bod, to treat blemishes, dull skin, so you'll look and feel gorgeous.
Scent Clean, Tropical, Melon and Papaya
Texture Thick, Exfoliating, Rich and Sudsy
Mood  Confident, Beautiful, Renewed and Glowing!
Plus Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and our Bonbodi 28+ Botanical Elixir to keep skin hydrated and radiant.

Recommended All skin types.

Non-comedogenic. Concentrated, rich, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Size 270g / 8oz Jar
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