Inside Out Umbrella - Yellow Sunflower

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Magicbrella Inverted umbrella
New Design Double layers upside down Umbrella
You can open in narrow spaces, extremely convenient when getting in or out of your car
Super strong against winds and best in typhoon weather
It won't drip all over the place when you close it after use, specially in your car.
Can stand in vertical position, very convenient when closed 
Unique C handle is great for use when you need to be hands-free to answer a call or use your cellphone while on the go, in the rain, or carry other stuff in your hands.

This umbrella has a black outer which opens up to show a beautiful red flower on the inside. The handle make it easy to put it across your forearm and that leaves your hands free to carry the groceries and shopping.
The way the umbrella closes prevents you from getting wet when you sit in the car as it closed outwards.
The umbrella can also stand as shown in the second image.

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