Chalkboard Paper Bunting

$9.99 NZD

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Chalkboard Paper Bunting

This awesome chalkboard paper bunting is made from thick black paper which you can write on with chalk to create your own special messages or original designs. Each pack includes 24 bunting flags and black and white twine for easy threading.

Flag size: 13 x 18 cm

Pack size: 24 bunting flags and twine

This bunting is a great option when you cannot find the celebratory message you need. You can also draw on your own designs and not include any message at all. They work perfectly for a monochrome themed party, Halloween, a Mad Hatters Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland party, zebra or safari themed party, construction party, pirate party and more! A fun idea for a kids party is to give your child a box of coloured chalks and the flags and have them design their own bunting. They can draw different images on each flag. You do not need to decorate all flags within the pack either, they still look great with only a few flags drawn on.