What is Genoapay?

Get the products and services you need today, pay for them over 10 weekly installments. Sign up takes less than two minutes.

Flexible and Fast

Genoapay allows you to move payment days to match your pay cycle, or you can pay off your account early.
Get what you need on your terms.

Who can use Genoapay?

Any NZ resident over 18 with a current debit or credit card.

How do I use Genoapay?

  1. Simply select Pay by Genoapay at checkout for orders for OVER $300.
  2. Returning customers only need to confirm the order to complete the purchase.
  3. New customers can sign up at checkout and start using Genoapay today.
  4. Your order is processed immediately and your payment schedule is established.
  5. Only a tenth of your order value is due today and the rest is split over 10 weekly automatic payments on the day of the original purchase.

How much does Genoapay cost me?

Joining Genoapay is totally free, there are no ongoing fees, and there is never any interest. The only time we will charge you extra is when you miss a payment. Missed payments cost $10

How do Genoapay returns work?

Returns and Refunds

  1. Returns and refunds are subject to each Merchant’s policy. Genoapay will only provide a refund if the relevant Merchant approves the return of the relevant goods or services you paid for using Genoapay.
  2. You are responsible for contacting the relevant Merchant to request a refund or to return a purchased product.
  3. If purchased goods have been returned to a Merchant in line with their policy and accepted by the Merchant they will notify Genoapay and:
    1. The relevant Loan and Loan Contract will be cancelled (along with any direct debit authority you have provided in relation to that Loan); and
    2. Genoapay will process a refund of all Loan Repayments you have made under the relevant Loan.

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